Pharmaceutical Chillers

Pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers utilize cold storage and chillers in production, transportation, and storage of medicines. Refrigeration is also critical for the production, storage, and distribution of vaccines. Vaccines are made by injecting a similar or small amount of dying disease causing microorganism. This allows the body’s immune system to later recognize the infectious microbe and know how to attack it.


However, most vaccines must stay refrigerated to keep the active microbe in a suspended state until it is injected into the body. If the vaccine is heated the microbe can completely die or decay enough that it does not do the job of introducing a threat to the body. There are also types of medications like Epipens and Insulin that require refrigeration to maintain their effectiveness. Having reliable and consistent temperature control systems allow pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers to feel confident that medications and vaccines can be delivered intact to the people that rely on them.Medical-cooler-11